4-Steps of a Rescue


Whether you are performing a rescue off of a tower, wood pole, bucket truck, etc., Buckingham has 4 main principles and steps to a rescue.

  1. Rescuer Safety

  • Call 911
  • Position above patient and check-in
  • Rig up rescue kit
  1. Patient Safety

  • Determine the best location for attachment
  • Hook up the patient to rescue kit
  1. Solve the Problem

  • Figure out the best way to undo their main system
  • Cutaway, pick off, counterbalance
  • Account for any shock load to the system
  1. Descend

  • Work in accordance with the manufacturer
  • Steady pace
  • Visual/verbal communication with victim and ground crew
  • Escape the system


Check out some of our more popular rescue kits below:

  • Tower Rescue Kit (PN 108Q8-500)

    See it in action! Video: Here


    Hurt Man Bucket Truck Rescue System (PN 3813D1Q6)

    See it in action! Video: Here

  • Self Rescue System - 301SR

    Bucket Truck Self Rescue (PN 301SR)

    See it in action! Video: Here