We are pleased to announce the newest additions to the Buckingham family of products.


Master 5.0 - 1490
Master 5.0

Top-of-the-line and lightweight saddle. Features nine attachment points, two medium-sized dee-rings, and a floating bridge, which provides optimum maneuverability in SRT systems.

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Ergo Pro Saddle - 17905
Ergo Pro Saddle

From fall arrest, to fall restraint, to work positioning, Buckingham’s Ergo Pro tree saddle covers it all. The Ergo Pro was designed to fit a range of climbing styles and motions and is one of our lightest saddles available.

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Ergo Felling Belt - 169071
Ergo Felling Belt

The Ergo Felling Belt is everything you would need for tree felling and is ideal for right of way workers. From blood stopping kits, to loggers tape or chainsaw gas & oil mix, this belt has a pouch or place for just about everything you would need when out in the field.

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TreeSqueeze - 7+L08T18+J

The TreeSqueeze is used for fall restraint work positioning and meets ANSI Z133. The TreeSqueeze doubles as a friction saver, has a choking lanyard system that keeps you from falling down the tree, and provides a secure tie-in point when a natural tie-in point doesn’t exist.

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BuckAlloy Aluminum Tree Climbers - A95089
BuckAlloy™ Aluminum Tree Climbers

The American-made BuckAlloy™ Aluminum Tree climbers are the most durable and most cost effective lightweight climber in the industry. The BuckAlloy™ tree climbers feature a new hybrid gaff and Buckingham’s Patent Pending GRiP (Gaff Ridge Position) technology. The hybrid gaffs, measuring in at 2 7/16”, are perfect for both thick bark and soft bark trees. GRiP technology aids in preventing cutouts, allowing for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch, and allows the user to climb in a more natural, upright position.

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Rope Tarp - 4597
Rope Tarp

Ideal for keeping climbing, rigging and throw lines free from dirt and debris while on the job site. Measures 58”x46” and will accommodate up to 150’ of ½” rope.

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Ladder Fall Protection

BLT - Buck Ladder Tether - 128R
BLT - Buck Ladder Tether

We are very excited about the BLT and have had nothing but great feedback across the board from customers. The BLT is a ladder mounted lifeline system which allows 100% fall protection for the user while ascending or descending.

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BuckLink™ Sling

Whether it’s using the BuckLink Sling to rig an OX BLOCK or pulling wire and holding it up on a cross arm, this product is the ultimate daisy chain style anchor sling that should be found on every truck across America due to its endless uses.

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Suspension Trauma

BuckStep Suspension Trauma Rescue System - 105RS
BuckStep™ Suspension Trauma Rescue System
105RS & 105RSK1

This lightweight and compact product allows a victim to immediately deploy a body support system that allows for improved blood circulation and the ability to move and flex muscles until rescue. For ac flash rated BuckStep™, order model 105RSK1 which includes Kevlar webbing packed in a FR pouch.