Buckingham has manufactured climbers for the wood pole and tree care worker since 1896 right here in the USA. Throughout our history we have perfected the climbing spur by doing rigorous R&D, testing, and using the best possible materials available. We offer the highest quality and largest selection of steel, aluminum and titanium climbers and gaffs on the market, including a plethora of accessory options. Here is a guide that will help you find your next climber.


BuckAlloy™ Aluminum Climbers

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The BuckAlloy™ Aluminum climbers are the most durable aluminum climber in the industry and most cost-effective lightweight climbers made in the U.S.A. These climbers provide strong, lightweight comfort for total confidence while climbing.

  • Featuring the patented GRiP™ Technology that keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the tree or pole, which promotes the ease of climbing and a more natural upright position.
  • Unmatched comfort in an aluminum climber and lightest aluminum climber available.
  • Aluminum Alloy used in transport applications including marine, automotive, and aviation due to its high strength to density ratio.
  • The ‘T’ shaped aluminum ribbed construction adds strength to the climber.
  • Alloy blend contributes to superior product life cycle.

Buckingham Steel Climbers

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The tried-and-true Buck steel climbers are the most durable, high quality and proven climbers on the market.  Steel climbers will be a bit heavier but will also come with a lower price if you are working with a budget. The climbers are rated to 350 lbs. and exceeds ASTM F887 standards.

BuckLite™ Titanium Climbers

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Weighing only 17 ounces, Buckingham’s BuckLite™ Titanium Climbers combine strength, lightweight functionality, and comfort together in a climber that cannot be found elsewhere on the market.

  • BuckLite™ Titanium Pole Climbers are rated to 350 lbs. and exceeds ASTM F887 standards.
  • High Strength-to-Density ratio (Strong and lightweight).
  • Corrosion resistant titanium makes these climbers the most durable climbers available.
  • Only proven and tested titanium climber on the market.


The Buckingham “Pole Gaff” vs. “CCA Gaff” vs. “Tree Gaff” vs. “Hybrid Tree Gaff”

  • Buck Pole Gaff Climbers: Ideal for the utility line worker or can be used by tree guys climbing thin bark trees like Birch, Poplar, Aspen and a variety of others. Some tree climbers may prefer pole gaff depending on type of trees they are climbing.
  • Buck CCA Gaff Climbers: Engineered to penetrate hard CCA poles with ease, the gaffs have serrated edges allowing them to penetrate easier.
  • Buck Tree Gaff Climbers: Designed for the Tree climber, especially the ones climbing thicker bark trees that are sometimes more prevalent on the west coast. These gaffs measure 2 ¾” long.
  • Buck Hybrid Tree Gaff Climbers:  Great for the tree climber that is gaffing a variety of different tree species. For use with aluminum, steel or titanium pole or tree climbers. This gaff will be shorter than the average 2 3/4″ tree gaff giving you a happy medium for climbing thin or thick bark trees. This gaff is also ideal for making your pole climbers into tree climbers. Measures 2 ¼”.

Buckingham’s Patented GRiP (Gaff Ridge Position) Technology™:

  • Keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the tree or pole.
  • Aids in preventing cutouts, allowing for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch.
  • GRiP Technology™ allows for optimum gaff placement on the tree or pole and promotes ease of climbing.

“Climb like the old timers but feel comfy like the new guys” says one Journeyman Lineman who has worn the BuckAlloy™ Climbers with GRiP Technology™.

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