Self Rescue System – 301SR


The Buck Self Rescue system features a new lightweight, compact design stored in a weather-resistant nylon bag with a mesh bottom to let moisture escape. Features an anti-panic release brake, which will stop the descender if the user releases or compresses the descender all the way, making this the go to product for all of your self rescue situations.

Replacement storage bag available:

Model: 4463B1

Available Lengths

  • Model 301SR-50 – 50′
  • Model 301SR-75 – 75′
  • Model 301SR-100 – 100′
  • Model 301SR-150 – 150′

Custom lengths are also available. Please consult our customer service department for more information on custom lengths.

*Orders for model 301SR-50 and 301SR-75 received by 12:00/Noon EST ship same business day. After 12:00/Noon EST ship next business day.

*Other models usually ships in 7 to 14 business days.