Premium Tower Climbing Kit – KIT146


The Buckingham Premium Tower Climbing Kit offers top-notch comfort, durability, and safety by combining many of our top of the line tower climbing products.

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Come prepared for your next tower climb with the following products!

BuckTech™ FR(68K966K6):

Not only does the BuckTech™ have a new look but we put substantial time into redesigning the seat to make it more comfortable and easier to change out from the original version. The BuckTech™ is taking tower safety to the next level. The BuckTech’s removable seat, lightweight aluminum D-Rings, quick connect buckles and much more make this harness one of the most versatile harnesses on the market.

Lockable Big Buck Mouth Bag(47333G9R5SW3):

The Buck Big Mouth line of equipment bags was designed with an extended extra-wide mouth (15 ½” x 22”) to make it easier and faster for workers to store all their PPE, gear, tools, and other items in their bag with ease. No more struggling to get your essentials into your bag and no more fighting to get it closed. Features two lock holes at the left and right of bag closure to easily attach a padlock or cable lock.

Buck Leverjust w/ Treblekern Tough Rope™(92CM8-8):

The Buck Leverjust™ with Tough Rope™ is a lightweight Adjustable Positioning Lanyard (APL) designed specifically to allow users to lengthen without removing weight from the lanyard with the use of Buckingham’s all-new LeverGrab™ Length Adjusting Device (LAD). Buckingham’s new wear-resistant Tough Rope™ is constructed with an energy-absorbing nylon core, red braided polyester inner core cover (red wear indicator), and an abrasion and heat resistant Technora outer jacket that eliminates the need for a wear guard. No more jamming of your wear guard!

Mobile Fall Arrestor w/ BuckSorber2(5004L4):

A mobile fall arrestor with a shock-absorbing pack that features an integrated locking function allows users to immobilize devices to reduce the length of fall. Moves freely along the rope without any manual intervention.

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