Economy Pole Climbing Kit – KIT126


The Buckingham Economy Linemen Kit was designed for the linemen who may only be on a pole for a couple of hours per day versus traditional linemen who would spend most of the day on the poles. This kit features all the basic fall protection products a climber will need while working on a pole.

Kit Features:

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Economy 4 D-Ring Body Belt (SKU: 190224) – A 4 D-Ring Body belt (patented) made from quality leathers with a 6-ply neoprene impregnated nylon 1 3/4″ waist strap. The extra D-Rings make this ideal with the use of a secondary lanyard.

BuckAdjuster™ (SKU: 9-8)A fully adjustable positioning lanyard (APL) that features the patent-pending BuckGrab™ and a 90-degree twist in the eye of the cam for use with a line worker’s body belt.

SuperSqueeze™ (SKU: 488W2) w/ Woven Inner Strap for Distribution – The SuperSqueeze™ offers superb Wood Pole Fall Restriction and with numerous configurations, the SuperSqueeze™ fits many climbing styles and needs. Offers an easy one-handed outer strap adjustment by incorporating Buckingham’s WebGrab™ which allows adjustment with just a flick of the wrist.