BuckAdjuster™ – 9-8


The BuckAdjuster™ is a fully adjustable positioning lanyard (APL) that features the patent pending BuckGrab™ and a 90 degree twist in the eye of the cam for use with a line workers body belt. The BuckAdjuster™ has a one of kind full red core wear indicator. Other features include user friendly patented Buckingham double locking rope snap, clear protective tube to help provide maximum rope life and a stitched eye that allows user to minimize length for easy storage.

*Sku: 9-6 and 9-8:  Orders received by 12:00/Noon EST ship same business day. After 12:00/Noon EST ship next business day.

**Sku: 9-7, 9-9:  Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.



Upgrade to the new and improved Buck LeverJust™ or the LeverJust™ with Tough Rope.
Available in 6′, 7′, 8′, & 9′ lengths.

Replacement Parts Available

9V08K18F5W5 Replacement APL Rope for 9-8
9V08K17F5SW5 Replacement APL Rope for 9-7
9V08K16F5W5 Replacement APL Rope for 9-6