Buck Ladder Tether(BLT) – 128R


Buckingham Manufacturing is proud to announce the Buck Ladder Tether™. The patent pending BLT™ is a ladder mounted lifeline system which allows 100% fall protection for the user while ascending or descending. In the past, the 128R ladder lock straps were just wrapped around the ladder for storage. We have now introduced a weather resistant storage bag for your ladder lock straps. This allows the user to stow the straps in a weather resistant bag on the ladder while not in use. Straps also include a new wear guard to prevent against long term UV degradation if stored outdoors long term.

*The Buck Ladder Tether™ is patent pending.

*In the event of a fall from the ladder, the BuckArrester ™ will arrest the fall while the Ladder Lock System keeps the ladder secured to the pole.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days


  • Specially designed Ladder Lock System to secure ladder from ground, pole, or any other structure you may be working
  • The BLT is especially ideal for substation work. We’ve tested the BLT in numerous scenarios and the BLT was able to provide fall protection in most, if not all, scenarios in the sub.
  • The Ladder FP Anchor Strap attaches to the top of the ladder securing the lifeline to the ladder.
  • Lifeline includes ANSI Z359.15 rated BuckArrester™ system allowing for 100% fall protection on ascent and descent.
  • BuckArrester™ design provide the user with smooth hands-free up and down tracking, allowing the user to maintain the required 3-point contact at all times.
    • Helpful Hint: To help promote the ease of tracking of the BuckArrester™ when coming down a ladder, simply place thumb behind rope and above the BuckArrester™ and slightly push outward toward your chest.
  • The ladder lock strap bag easily stays out of the way when the ladder is in use.
  • The BLT is only intended for use with IAA approved ladders, 28′ maximum length, from Little Giant, Louisville, Werner or Green Bull. Additionally, the
    BLT must be used with the sternal attachment point of an ANSI Z359.11 compliant full body harness. We recommend Buckingham’s U601A3Q1.