Body Belt Accessories


Buckingham's new Gated Handline Carrier takes our previous handline carrier (2402) and improved upon it in a number of ways. The carrier is made of Polymer and includes a hole to easily secure it to the body belt with a bolt or zip tie (zip tie included). The carrier will straighten when approximately 25 pounds of pressure is applied, allowing the handline to pull free. Ideal when using the Ox Block™ and related accessories.

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  • Magnet Pouch – M4

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  • Quick Attach Pouch Kit – 66Q1

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  • Buckcarrier™ Chainsaw Carrier Kit – 2402BQ1

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  • Buck Tool Strap – 24

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  • BUCK Lube

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  • Buckcarrier™ Chainsaw Carrier – 2402B

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  • The BuckLag - 6401

    The BuckLag™ – 6401

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