Buck Bottle Holster – 4507-24



At Buckingham, our #1 priority is always your safety and developing products to keep you safe. One hazard that gets overlooked in the workplace is dehydration. Hydration is key in all aspects of life, especially linework. It has been proven that keeping workers hydrated reduces accidents and the risk of injury, so we developed the Buck Bottle Holster. The Buck Bottle Holster features 3 forms of attachment that allows you to transport your water bottle anywhere!

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Two rear attachment straps allow the bottle holster to be attached to the strap of any Buck-It Rail board, on a harness, saddle, or body belt. The rear attachment D-ring allows the bottle holster to
suspended from an accessory carrier or carabiner. The holster also features outer web MOLLE loops that may be used to store carabiners or other light gear.

Outer MOLLE loops are not rated and should only be used for storing light accessories.

Other Features:

  • Mesh Bottom
  • Drawstring Closure