Tower Arm Fall Protection Kit – KIT57-40



The new tower arm fall protection kit includes everything to keep you safe while traversing to the end of an arm, down a ladder and back to the structure. Simply attach the lifeline to a suitable anchor point on the structure, attach a redirect sling and carabiner every 6′ as you work your way out to the end of the arm. If you need to climb down a hot ladder, the weighted pouch on the end of the lifeline will keep slight tension in it making descent and ascent easier. The mobile fall arrestor (model 5004L3) allows the user to easily move horizontally or vertically. The lightweight BuckSorber 2 energy absorbing pack (model 400000X12) reduces force on the system in the event of a fall.

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Kit also includes:
  • 4 – 3905E-24 2′ redirect slings
  • 4 – 5005T double action steel carabiners
  • 1 – 39S2Q2-40 40′ Lifeline
  • 1 – 5005 Triple action steel carabiner
  • 1 – 3902-6 6′ anchor sling
  • 1 – 5555S3 Triple action aluminum carabiner
  • 1 – 4560 Storage bag