Tough Rope™ Lifeline Kit – 39Y13Q2-30


A 30’ vertical lifeline constructed of 11.5 mm treblekern tough rope™ that features a steel locking snap hook on one end and a stitched eye on the other end. The lifeline is equipped with an ISC mini rope grab as an ascender.

This lifeline is tested to 40 Cal/CM2 electrical arc exposure.

Can be used as a replacement lifeline for our Tough Rope™ Tethered Confined Space Rescue Kit (105KQ1).

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The kit consists of:

  • Tough Rope™ Lifeline for Underground Rescue (39Y13Q1-30)
  • Rope Bag (4562B1)
  • Breakaway Assembly Shackle
  • Quick Link
  • Hitch Pin Clip