7ft Tie Back BuckLimiter™ with Super Fabric – 6008Q7



This BuckLimiter™ yoyo features a Super Fabric Wear Guard to prevent premature wear when used on lattice structures. Also has Dyneema polymer fiber 1″ webbing that is up to 15x stronger than steel and is resistant to moisture, abrasions, UV light, and chemicals. Features a tag covering that protects the tag through everyday use.

Housing Connector – Triple Action Aluminum Carabiner (5555S3)

The 6008Q7 meets the ANSI Z359.14 standard and is marked to 310lbs with a Class B rating.

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  • Triple locking aluminum carabiner with 3600 lb. gate and tie back locking snap 3618 with 5,000 lb. gate load.
  • Has an aluminum alloy construction inside and out while both the mechanism and housing is made of corrosion-resistant alloy.
  • A braking system that is designed for smooth consistent operation to prevent “jerky” lock-ups. A tangle-free swivel top adds to the mobility and a 7′ extension for an expanded work area.
  • Only weighs 1.9 lbs.