The SuperSaver™ – 64-6



The SuperSaver™ was developed in conjunction with Jamie Chambrelli and the team at ArborMaster®. A truly revolutionary, patent-pending, double hole friction saver and canopy anchor system that will change the way you navigate the canopy forever! Our goal during development was to design a product that would provide you with all the standard adjustable Friction Saver functions. But we also wanted to design a plethora of other revolutionary functions as well, including the use of both an SRT (Single-Line/Non-Moving Rope System) and a DRT (Double Rope/Moving Rope System) on the same anchor at the same time using one product! The SuperSaver™ offers endless opportunities for new and existing ways to navigate the canopy safely and is the most revolutionary and versatile adjustable friction saver and canopy anchor combination ever seen!

3 Options Available:

  1. The SuperSaver™ (64-6): Stand-alone SuperSaver™ including double hole friction ring hardware with FL Prusik end included.
  2. The SuperSaver™ Kit (63-6): Includes the SuperSaver™ with double hole friction ring hardware with FL prusik, QTY: 2 AmericanO (Oval) ANSI-rated carabiners, QTY: 2 Retrieval Keys, and an Installation accessory snap/carabiner.
  3. The SuperSaver™ FL Prusik: FlintLocker Double hole SuperSaver™ friction ring with prusik attached.

The SuperSaver™ can be used in many applications here are just a few below:

  • Adjustable Friction Saver.
  • Multi-Rope System: Two Line configuration. The use of both SRT & DRT systems in-line and used on a single anchor device.
  • Multi-Leg System: Spider legging.
  • Numerous SRS anchoring methods.
  • Cinching Lanyard System.

**For personal use only. NOT for towing, hoisting, or rigging.

Distributors stocking this product are listed below and typically ship within a week. If no distributors are listed, the product will typically ship within 7 to 14 days.


The SuperSaver™ is a next-generation Friction Saver and Canopy Anchoring Device designed to grow with the climber and is the most revolutionary and versatile adjustable Friction Saver and Canopy Anchor combination ever seen! It is our hope that the SuperSaver™ will continue to evolve as the product works its way into the industry and continues to develop many other uses and functions while in the field.

The SuperSaver™ can be used in more applications than what was listed above as well:

  • Cinching Lanyard System.
  • FlintLocker Canopy Anchor: floating anchor device.
  • Dedicated Rescue line: When using Multi-Rope Setup.
  • Redirects.
  • No-Crash Retrieval.