BUCKYARD™ STRETCH (2 Snaps) – 8VV7D16S1 / 8VV716S1 / 8VV7E16S1



Same benefits of the Buckyard™ but with the addition of an elastic bungee.

With the addition of the elastic bungee, the BuckYard Stretch™ can expand/stretch to 6′ when working (applies only to 6’ version. 4’ and 4.5’ versions excluded). It also retracts to 44″, which minimizes the length of webbing the end user has while working, reducing tripping hazards.

Ideal for use with a full-body harness w/ a steel D-ring dorsal attachment. Features a 1706 steel locking snap hook on both ends.

*Available in Buckviz Safety Green, Black or Green.

Distributors stocking this product are listed below and typically ship within a week. If no distributors are listed, the product will typically ship within 7 to 14 days.

**If you are working in Canada and require a product that meets or exceeds CSA Standards, please choose YES.


Length BuckViz Dark Green Black
6ft 8VV7D16S1 8VV716S1 8VV7E16S1
4.5ft 8VV7D14.5S1 8VV714.5S1 8VV7E14.5S1
4ft 8VV7D14S1 8VV714S1 8VV7E14S1