The BuckAlloy™ Black FastStrap™ Climber Kit w/ Retractable Gaff Guard – A94K1FG-BL


The BuckAlloy™ Black FastStrap™ Climber Kit features Buckingham’s FastStrap™ Quick Connect Foot Straps and BuckGuard™ Retractable Gaff Guards making this kit ideal for anyone who wants convenience, durability, and comfort all in a lightweight USA made climber kit.

This climber kit is perfect for any user in the industry. Whether you are a new or experienced climber, this is the kit for you. The  quick connect foot straps make it perfect specifically for the rodeo linemen as well! Be quick, safe and comfortable during all your climbs with FastStrap™ climber kit from Buck!

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.


The kit includes:

  • BuckAlloy™ Black Climbers– Featuring the patented GRiP™ technology keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole, which promotes the ease of climbing and more natural upright position.
  • Black Cushion Wrap Pads -The angled insert provides unmatched stability and prevent the shank from chafing your leg.
  • BUCK FASTSTRAP™ Quick Connect Foot Straps– Journeymen Linemen and rodeo competitor Jason Novak, the Buck FASTSTRAP™ is not only great for rodeo competitors but comfortable, convenient, durable, lightweight and adaptable anytime you’re on a pole
  • BuckGuard™ Retractable Gaff Guard– When you are ready to climb, kick the gaff guards off and they will retract up onto your pads smoothly and easily.