The Buck RFP (Deluxe) – RFPDELUXE


Buckingham has been approached by several utilities and contractors to address fall protection for those working on a roof or off a ladder at a customer’s home. The Buckingham Rooftop Fall Protection Kit provides a temporary vertical lifeline for accessing elevated work areas from a portable ladder.

  • This Patented system was developed hand-in-hand with Duke Energy and allows the user to set a lifeline and re-direct lines from the ground which keep the user 100% fall protected while ascending a ladder, working on a ladder, and descending a ladder.
    • Helpful Hint: To help promote the ease of tracking of the BuckArrester™ when coming down a ladder, simply place thumb behind the rope and above the BuckArrester™ and slightly push outward toward your chest.
    • When a bucket truck is available, this system can also be anchored to a bucket or boom depending on your work practices.
  • Today, the Buckingham Rooftop Fall Protection Kit is the only solution of its kind on the market.

For more information visit: The Buck RFP info page.

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The Buck RFP™ Includes:
  • Universal x-style harness with sternal D-ring for connection to BuckArresterTM mobile fall arrester & work positioning d-rings.
  • BuckArresterTM (mobile fall arrester), designed to arrest a fall off a ladder.
  • BuckLaunchTM device designed to shoot throwline over structure in a safe/controlled manner.
  • An 8’ anchor sling rated to 5,000lbs, for use with a suitable anchor.
  • 150’ 7/16” diameter lifeline.
  • 3,600lb gate-rated triple action carabiner.
  • 12oz. throw bag to be attached to throwline and launched over the structure.
  • 150’ of throw line to be used with a throw bag and launched over the structure.
  • Basic RFP system storage bag.
  • Throwline storage bag.
The Buck RFP™ (Deluxe) version also includes the redirect kit