SuperSqueeze™ Rescue Trainer – 488PR



The SuperSqueeze Rescue Trainer is the most realistic training device on the market.

100′ Inner Rope Replacement is available here.

Please call our customer service line for Inner Replacement Ropes available in other lengths (488AR-25 – 25′ / 488AR-50 – 50′ / 488AR-150 – 150′). 1-800-YES-BUCK (1-800-937-2825)

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This unique system allows hi-vis orange cut rope to be stowed in bag that is attached to the rescue mannequin. After the rescuer cuts the rope and lowers the mannequin, simply pull additional rope from bag, run it through the BuckGrab™ and tie a stopper knot in the end of the rope. Includes 25′ of hi-vis cut rope.