Steel Cable Leading Edge BuckLimiter™



The lightweight steel cable Bucklimiter™ is a retractable lifeline designed for providing protection to the user in leading edge applications, especially when working near sharp edges.

The 5206 unit meets the ANSI Z359.14-2014 standard and is marked to 310 lbs. with a Class B rating.


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  • The steel cable Bucklimiter™ retractable lifeline is particularly meant for providing Leading Edge protection to the user when working horizontally near sharp edges.
  • Constructed in such a way that if subjected to contact with a sharp edge in the event of a fall, the retracted lanyard remains intact, while arresting the fall immediately.
  • Equipped with an external shock pack (with protective cover) which reduces the dynamic load impact felt on the user in the event of a fall, reducing the impact of fall average arresting forces to less than 900 lbs.
  • Steel locking snap hook lifeline connector – 1706.
  • Light, yet rugged composite housing.