Single Man BuckIt™ Restraint Kit – 126K


The Single Man BuckIt™ Restraint Kit is ideal for single man bucket crews, troubleshooters working alone, street light crews, cable and telecom workers, and arborists working on aerial/compact lifts.

**Orders received by 12:00/Noon EST ship the same business day. After 12:00/Noon EST ship the next business day.


Features include:

  • A 10,000lb. rated nylon strap attached with a ratchet buckle and cotter pin that places the anchor point at the basket.
  • Two attachment points that attach to the worker’s harness or aerial belt that prevents the worker from falling or being catapulted from the basket.
  • Gives you all the freedom of movement and mobility needed to work comfortably.
  • An energy absorber is attached between the BUCKIT™ restraint strap and the anchor point on the boom.
  • This system will keep the operator, basket, and the boom from hitting the ground in the event of a catastrophic separation of the bucket from the boom.
  • Freedom of movement allows the user to duck inside of the bucket for safety in the event of a flash.
  • Should the webbing around the basket be severed, the attachment back to the anchor is independent of the webbing around the basket.

The PATENTED 126K BUCKIT™ Restraint Kit includes:

  • Retro harness strap to attach to your harness or aerial belt. Ideal with Buckingham’s “H” Style Full Body Harness (6493700J12).
  • Rear attachment strap
  • Front attachment strap