Self Rescue System for Single or Two-Man Buckets – 301SRK / 301SRKQ2



The 301SRK self-rescue system has all the benefits of the lightweight and compact 301SR, but with a bag manufactured out of arc flash rated material.

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A self-rescue system unit that features:

  • Descender made of light-weight aircraft grade aluminum features an anti-panic release brake, which will stop the descender if the user releases or compresses the descender all the way, making this the go-to product for all of your self-rescue situations.
  • The TVAC descent line is compact measuring only 6.8mm and stands up to heat on long descents.
  • System packed in a weather-resistant bag that will stand up to an electric arc flash.
  • Two rappelling straps to be used with ‘H’ Style Harness Single Man Rated to 310lbs.
  • For a two man system, order 301SRKQ2-100, which includes two descenders for a two-man bucket.

*Tested to Requirements of ANSI Z359.4
**Note: Bag Material withstands 40cal/cm2 electric arc exposure.