Rescue Randy (5’5″) with Harness and Coveralls – 6933-165


Rescue Randy is a full body, realistic weighted rescue mannequin. Used for training in confined spaces, buckets, horizontally and vertically, and pole top rescue practices.

*The wire loop on the back of the dummy is not weight-bearing and in no way should it be used for lifting or storing the dummy.

*New attachment mechanisms at joints throughout Rescue Randy allow for more durable limbs and prevent limbs from detaching when handled aggressively.


Height is 6’1″, weighs 165 lbs, made of extra tough cast vinyl. Features articulated joints. Rescue Randy now comes with a harness/belt combination (P/N: 38523Q9). The harness/belt combination allows for pole-top rescue (hip dee rings) or tower rescue (dorsal dee ring) to be performed during training. The built-in leg straps are designed to prevent Rescue Randy from slipping out of the belt. Rescue Randy also includes full-body coveralls to protect from damage during training.