Port-A-Wrap XL – 601XN



Buck Port-A-Wrap XL is a compact rope friction devices designed for lowering heavy objects from height in a controlled and predictable manner.

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The Buck Port-A-Wrap has been widely popular among the modern-day arborist. Old school arborists used to lower heavy wood by wrapping their rigging lines around nearby trees, causing damage to trees and often causing accidents. With the Buck Port-A-Wrap XL, lowering heavy wood can be controlled and done at a much faster pace while also lowering the potential for an accident. The user-friendly design also makes attaching rigging lines a breeze!

The Port-A-Wrap XL features:

  • Based on the original Buckingham Port-A-Wrap III, the Port-A-Wrap XL is bigger and stronger and still features the same great benefits.
  • The 601XN maintains proper bend ratio on the lowering line allowing maximum strength and friction control.
  • With a 7/8″ lowering rope capacity, the longer nickel plating over steel tube has ample room for wraps.

Many of those who work on towers are now beginning to use the port-a-wrap as a cost-effective friction control device. Some uses include:

  • By simply attaching the port-a-wrap to the base of a tower, you can use it to safely lower loads (like a set of bells) from an elevated location.
  • The additional eye allows the user to attach a set of rigging blocks like the Buck Riggers or the Buck Side Swivels to raise loads prior to lowering them.
  • Tie off/redirect cleats allow users to snub off a load.
  • It also redirects the rope allowing the user to operate the port-a-wrap without being underneath the load.

The Buckingham Port-A-Wrap XL features a 12,000 lb. working load limit, as opposed to both the small (601N for 5/8” rope) and large (601LN for ¾” rope), has a 3,600 lb. working load limit.