The Buckingham PeerCheck™ system was developed over the course of three years in conjunction with a major utility contractor. This was triggered following an issue where an employee had inadvertently forgotten to attach their fall protection lanyard to the proper anchor point.


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PeerCheck™ is a simple, inexpensive alarm system that alerts the user and crew via an audible alarm. The alarm will sound if the user’s lanyard becomes accidently detached and/or inadvertently forgotten to be connected to the proper anchor point. PeerCheck™ helps prevent bucket ejections and/or catastrophic failures related to a man basket becoming detached from its crane.  Think of PeerCheck™ as the equivalent to the beeping when you don’t buckle your seatbelt in your car.

While there are similar units on the market, PeerCheck™ is the simplest and least expensive unit on the market. What’s out there now:

  • Extremely Expensive – other units are in excess of several thousand dollars per truck. One system is $10,000+ per truck.
  • Complex – From Bluetooth connections to software developments to unnecessary features like weather updates, PeerCheck™ is a single feature unit.
  • Removal From Field – Other units require the company to take valuable bucket truck assets out of service and send them back to the factory. PeerCheck™ is 100% portable and can be retrofitted onto any bucket truck in the field. PeerCheck™ id easily removed from a truck when the lease is up and put back into service on the new truck.
  • Bucket Truck Specific – Other units are only available on certain manufacturers trucks. PeerCheck™ can be used across all truck manufacturers.
  • Subscription Based – Other units are subscription based and require a perpetual monthly payment. PeerCheck™ is a onetime cost aside from the annual replacement of a $5 9 Volt Battery.”

It is recommended to add an Obstruction Lanyard to ensure proper use of the device. This device hangs across the bucket and virtually guarantees that the user must clip into the unit.


PeerCheck™ Kit Includes:

  • PeerCheck™ Unit
  • 40″ Obstruction Lanyard
  • Steel Triple Action Carabiner – 5005S3
  • Buckeye Bucket Hook with Tether hole – 2410