OX Block™ Handline Assembly with OX Hook™ and OX Horn™ – 50062K18-4/80


An Ox Block™ with the Ox Hook™ & Ox Horn™, 4′ x 5/8” adjustable sling and option between an 80′, 100’, or 250’ handline assembly.

The OX BLOCK™ is a rope snatchblock with an integrated friction bar used for:

  • Hurtman/self-rescue
  • Lowering
  • Raising
  • Snubbing loads

*Handline hook and snap are not intended for human support.

**Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.



It allows the rigging professional to handle loads with greater control. When lowering loads, tension is transferred from the worker to the OX BLOCK™.

  • The patented OX BLOCK™ replaces standard handline blocks, parted blocks and various snatch blocks.
  • Has greater WLLs than blocks of similar size.
  • When configured with optional pulleys, the OX BLOCK™ can be used to create a 4:1, 5:1 or 6:1 mechanical advantage reducing the amount of force needed to lift heavy loads.
  • The advantage of the pulleys used by Buckingham is the swivel side plate that allows for quick and easy rope installation without removing the pulley from the connecting device.
  • ASME B30 Compliant