Magnetic Strip Kit – M2-3 / M2-8


The Magnetic Strip Kit comes in two different sizes, 3” and 8”, and helps the user to install a magnetic strip onto a number of things like a diddy bag, tool board, bucket truck, or even your body belt.

*Upgrade to Buckingham’s Black Nut & Bolt Bag, the Standard Nut & Bolt Bag, or the Heritage Nut & Bolt Bag with magnetic strips already built in if you prefer.

*Orders for M2-8 received by 12:00/Noon EST ship same business day. After 12:00/Noon EST ship next business day.

*M2-3 usually ships within 7 – 14 days.



The strong magnet helps the user keep loose hardware like nuts and bolts easily accessible and in the location you need them. Kit comes with two screws and the magnetic strip.