Long Reach Handle Holder – 4530R / 45301R



Buckingham’s Fiberglass Long Reach Tool Holders have been given a makeover! All fiberglass products are now available in our new and popular safety green color.

Mount to the boom of the truck safely and securely, storing long reach chainsaw or pruner when not in use. Mounts to the boom by using a ratchet for a sure grip, important to not over tighten ratchet.

You can get the head holder (45321R or 4532R) to work with this product here.

Replacement Parts Available

  • Replacement Clip – 45302
  • Replacement Pocket – 45322

Distributors stocking this product are listed below and typically ship within a week. If no distributors are listed, the product will typically ship within 7 to 14 days.



  • Clip spring accepts handle end of hydraulic tool giving you easy access to your long reach equipment.
  • Redesigned spring clips for more durability.
  • Foam pad to prevent slippage on the boom.