A patented ergonomically designed saddle equipped with an interchangeable rope bridge WE6R/WE6.

Saddle can be used with H-Style Retro Harness (R396G9)

For other bridge options see here.

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Features include:

  • Has 7 different rated attachment points.
  • Fully modular design for a customized fit.
  • 6 accessory loops.
  • Comfort with Fully padded Drilex back pad to contour the pelvis and support lower back.
  • A fully customized waist tensioner and lumbar support gives the user improved fit, abdominal stability, and promotes optimal posture when climbing.
  • Closed-cell padding can be removed for washing, which improves hygiene.
  • Load distributing design decreases pressure on the pelvis.
  • Increased padding in the pelvis and hip regions for added comfort.
  • Rated to 310 lbs.


Replacement Parts

Replacement Part # Ergovation Part
16906C1 Long “D” piece w/ suspension adjustment strap & Short “D” piece w/ permanently attached slide bar buckle, and suspension adjustment strap
16906C14 Waist strap w/ quick connect buckle (male end) & Waist strap w/ quick connect buckle (female end)
16906C2-SIZE Ergonomic back pad w/ lumbar pocket
16906C3 Leg strap w/ quick connect buckle (female end)
16906C4 Quick connect buckle frame (male end) & Quick connect buckle frame adjuster bar
16906C5 Ergonomic non rigid leg pads
16906C6 Leg strap retainers (man rated)
16906C8-SIZE Abdominal stabilizer loop side (long) & Abdominal stabilizer hook side (short)
16906C9 1/2″ Lumbar support
16906C11 1” Elastic web keepers (10 pack)
WE6 Suspension Bridge Assembly
1300010 1.75” Snap elastic web keepers (5 pack)
16906C7 Leg strap retainer anchor
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