Ergo Felling Belt with Pouches – 169071



Additional features and benefits include reflective strips on the webbing, a drag handle should you need to be removed in an emergency, and the suspenders feature a built-in whistle to meet ANSI’s Z133 requirement that the user needs to have a form of non-verbal communication. This product is NATS approved.

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In addition to the ergonomic features, this felling belt has all kinds of storage options, including:

  • a chainsaw holder (portage strap) which is ideal when traveling a good distance to the worksite
  • Axe storage
  • accessory loops and connection points for things like blood stopping kits, loggers tape, etc.
  • pouches on the left side of the belt which are ideal for gas & oil mix, a water bottle, or fire suppression mix
  • felling wedge straps
  • chainsaw file storage

The Ergo Felling Belt was designed in conjunction with certified arborist Ed Carpenter and his physical-therapist sibling Dr. Amanda Carpenter. Its ergonomic features include added lumbar support, additional padding in the legs and hips, an abdominal stabilizer (which is also great to keep sawdust out of your pants), and suspenders to support the load you are carrying.

“A must-have, I bought this thinking it looked convenient to hold all my gear for logging but little did I know how much it would help my back. It’s very well made, comfortable and is perfectly set up for everything I need on the job. Worth every penny!!!”- Mainer