Economy Ergovation® Saddle – 1877



The Economy Ergovation Saddle modular design that allows easy removal of the back and leg pads or seat section for washing or replacement.

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The Economy Ergovation Saddle features:

  • Small dee rings on the bridge prevent shifting and the possibility of gate loading carabiners.
  • Leg pads are the same profile as the original Ergovation® tree saddle wide leg straps help distribute pressure on the users’ legs.
  • The back pad that features the same ergonomic design as the original Ergovation® and includes a full 1/2″ of lumbar support built-in.
  • The back pad also features extra padding in the hip region to cushion the soft tissues of the hips from the force of the positioning dee rings.
  • Large dee rings allow easy clipping and unclipping of a climber’s positioning lanyard.
  • Elastic straps allow additional support to the seat section.