Cushion Wrap Pad w/ Cinch Loop & Angled Insert for Titanium/Steel Climbers – 3502C


Climber pads are a major factor in the user’s comfort, making sure you have the right fit and adjustability is crucial to any day in the field. At Buckingham, we were the first to introduce the revolutionary idea of the Hook & Loop fastener pad. These Hook and Loop cushion wrap pads were designed to be easy to put on, take off, and adjust making for a more pleasant and comfortable day in the field.

**New option for users with larger calves available. Order model 3502CQ1 for 8″ wrap extension.

*Usually ship within 7 to 14 days.


The Buck Cushion Wrap Pad with insert

  • A 4” angled design
  • Cinch Loop for easy adjustment and tight fit
  • Metal insert designed to keep the climber shank stationary to reduce chafing to the leg
  • 3/4″ cushion padding for comfort
  • Maximum adjustability
  • Rolled edge to prevent chafing
  • Compatible with Buckingham titanium & steel climbers