BuckStep™ 2.0 – 105RSDK1



The Patent Pending BuckStep™ 2.0 is a two-part BuckStep™ suspension trauma relief system designed to alleviate the effects of orthostatic intolerance, also known as suspension trauma. It can be used by either right-handed or left-handed users. This product allows a victim to immediately deploy a body support system that allows for improved blood circulation and the ability to move and flex muscles until rescue. The Patent Pending BuckStep™ 2.0 Suspension Trauma System meets ASTM F887 product specifications and is compact and easy to attach to a full body harness.

*Meets ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements, ANSI Z359 & OSHA 1926.954(b)(1)(ii).

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Benefits & Features: 

  • Two-part design allows for a more compact design and provides easier length adjustments compared to the one-part BuckStep™ system.
  • New adjustment buckles located at harness for easier length adjustments and added strength.
  • Girth hitches to the harness for easy attachment.
  • The ring and connector design aids in connection of the two trauma straps.
  • Small/compact pouches, just 4 ½” x 2” in size.
  • Lightweight- 3.4 oz. (each), 6.8 oz. (pair).
  • An arc tested system that meets ASTM F887 product specifications.