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The BuckSorber 2™ packs major energy absorbing power in a small, lightweight, flexible pack making it’s use comfortable for the user.

The Arc Flash rated BuckSorber 2™ Energy Absorber is compatible with Mobile Fall Arrest devices (toothed locking wheel design) and is designed to keep the peak impact forces below 1,350 lbf (average force below 900 lbf) and prevent tearing of the lifeline jacket with a factor 2 fall (2.5’ max free fall with a Mobile Fall Arrester). The BuckSorber 2™ when combined with a lanyard, can also be used as an energy absorbing lanyard with up to a 6ft max length allowing for a factor 2 fall of up to 12ft (ANSI Z359.13) and is designed to keep the average force below 1350lbf with the peak force below 1,800lbf.

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  • The BuckSorber 2™ has a user weight rating of 350lbs (fully equipped) versus other units on the market only rated to 310lbs.
  • The BuckSorber 2™ is rated for a two-person load (620 lbs. max) when used during a rescue.
  • This revolutionary designed unit meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of ANSI Z359.13 – 6ft and 12ft free fall, ASTM F887 standards OSHA 1926.502 and 1926.954 regulations.