BuckOhm™ TrueFit Harness & Lanyard Kit – KIT170


An H-style BuckOhm™ TrueFit™ harness paired with our popular BuckOhm™ BuckYard to create the ultimate BuckOhm™ Dielectric kit. Both the harness and the lanyard are equipped entirely with dielectric hardware.

The unique value of Buckingham’s BuckOhm™ TrueFit™ Harnesses is that one size will fit anyone from a small up to a 3XL!

TrueFit™ Features:

  • One size will fit anyone from a small up to a 3XL!
  • Whether your 5′ 1″ and 130 lbs. or 6′ 6″ and 325 lbs., this harness will fit you.
  • We haven’t seen anyone that it won’t fit, but we also haven’t taken it to the carnival yet!
  • Unique adjustment features both on the front and back of the harness make this a perfect choice if you are looking for a universal harness.

Meets or exceeds ASTM F887 Electric Arc Performance Requirements, ANSI Z359.

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Buckingham’s BuckOhm™ line is designed for working conditions with electrical hazards, making this a great option for substation, distribution, and other utility work. Dielectric hardware eliminates the potential of static electricity being transferred through steel hardware if working around an energized conductor in wet or damp conditions. Also, Dielectric hardware has better resistance to corrosion in extreme conditions (hot/humid or salty air environments).