BuckOhm™ TrueFit™ H-Style with Dielectric D-Ring – U68M9EQ3



Buckingham’s new BuckOhm™ line is a line of products designed to have all dielectric hardware. The new BuckOhm™ TrueFit™ Blackout H-Style Harness with D-ring was designed for working conditions with electrical hazards, making this a great option for substation and other utility work.

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Buck’s Blackout series of BuckOhm™ harnesses has black nylon webbing with a touch of hi-vis safety green. The dorsal D-ring option allows for easier connection and disconnection from your lanyard and allows you to store the lanyard in the bucket.

Harness features:

  • 9KV rated Dielectric hardware.
  • Dielectric quick-connect chest buckle and leg straps for easier donning.
  • Dorsal Dielectric D-ring.
  • Sternal Dielectric D-ring.
  • Arc tested shoulder pads.
  • Dielectric friction buckles on vertical shoulder straps for height adjustments.
  • The harness features permanently attached BuckStep™ 2.0 instead of the traditional girth hitching attachment method.