BuckOhm™ BuckYard™ with Dielectric Snaps – 8+G+G1D16S1 / 8+G+G1E16S1


Introducing the new BuckOhm™ BuckYard, an energy-absorbing lanyard with dielectric hardware! This new lanyard is available in two color options; BuckViz Safety Green or Black (8+G+G1E16S1). This version of the BuckOhm™ BuckYard should be used with a full-body harness.  Buckingham recommends the BuckOhm™ Dielectric H-Style Harness (68L9EQ12) which also has dielectric hardware.

BuckOhm™ BuckYard w/Dielectric snaps.

  • Dielectric locking snap hooks on both ends.
  • Web loop can be hitched to a dielectric or steel D-ring. Dielectric snaps can be attached to a web loop (with wear guard) or dielectric steel D-ring.
  • Interior materials stretch to reduce the arresting force to less than 900 lbs.

*Usually ships in 7 to 14 days.



Buckingham’s new BuckOhm™ line of energy absorbing lanyards are designed for working conditions with electrical hazards, making this a great option for substation and other utility work. Dielectric hardware eliminates the potential of static electricity being transferred through steel hardware if working around an energized conductor in wet or damp conditions. Also, Dielectric hardware has a better resistance to corrosion in extreme conditions (hot/humid or salty air environments).


Length BuckViz Black
6′ 8+G+G1D16S1 8+G+G1E16S1
4.5′ 8+G+G1D14.5S1 8+G+G1E14.5S1
4′ 8+G+G1D14S1 8+G+G1E14S1