Bucket Truck Rescue Ladder – 914-6


A bucket truck rescue ladder option that may allow the user to re-enter the bucket during bucket evacuation training. The ladder will allow the user to climb back into the bucket instead of descending all the way to the ground, saving valuable training time.

Note: The PN 914-6 Rescue ladder is not to be used as your primary support and should always be used in addition to your primary fall protection or rescue system.

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The ladder features a top web loop with a wear guard for added protection against wear, along with a bottom web loop. The top web loop with the wear guard is the connection point used to suspend the ladder from the bucket and the bottom web loop may be used for attaching a tag line to help control the swing of the ladder or to attach another section of the ladder for added length (if needed).


Applications & Uses:

  • Bucket Truck Evacuation
  • Over the Edge Negotiation
  • Confined Space Entry and Exit