BuckAlloy™ Tree Climbers with Big Buck™ Wrap Pads and Foot Straps – A95089Q2-MS



The American-made BuckAlloy™ Aluminum Tree climbers are the most durable and most cost-effective lightweight climbers in the industry. These BuckAlloy™ Aluminum Tree climbers feature our popular Big Buck™ Pads for extra comfort, nylon bottom straps, and are rated to 350 lbs., exceeding the ASTM F887 standards.

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  • A dowel & screw design allows for easy gaff change out if needed.
  • The BuckAlloy™ tree climbers feature a new hybrid gaff. Whether you are climbing a tree with thick bark or thin bark, the hybrid gaffs, measuring in at 2 7/16”, gives the user the convenience of keeping one gaff on the climber at all times.
  • The users no longer need to worry about teetering on a gaff that’s too long or cutting out on a gaff that’s too short.
  • The hybrid gaff also gives the user unmatched comfort as the tip does not sit below the bottom of the stirrup.