BuckAlloy™ Pole Climber Kit – A94089AQ10



A complete wood pole climber kit that features the most durable aluminum climber with GRiP™ technology.

  • GRiP™ technology Keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the pole.
  • Aids in preventing cutouts, allowing for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch.
  • The GRiP™ technology also allows optimum gaff placement on the pole and promotes ease of climbing.

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These climbers with GRiP™ technology provide strong, lightweight comfort for total confidence while climbing.

Buckingham’s new Patented GRiP (Gaff Ridge Position) technology: “Climb like the old-timers but feel comfy like the new guys” says one Journeyman Lineman who has worn the BuckAlloy™ Climbers with GRiP technology.

Kit also features:

35021C – Cushion Wrap Pad with Insert for BuckAlloy™ Climbers

These Hook and Loop cushion wrap pads were designed to be easy to put on, take off, and adjust making for a more pleasant and comfortable day in the field.

600931 – Bungee Gaff Guard

The first true universal gaff guard that fits all manufacturers permanent, replaceable, pole and tree gaff climbers. Gaff Guard features a bungee strap that easily attaches to the climber sleeve loop or the top of the pad to hold the coated wire gaff guard securely in place.