BuckAlloy™ American Climber Kit – A94K7F1G2-FL



What’s more American than being a Lineman? Nothing! So, we wanted to create a climber kit dedicated to the men and women that are the backbone of our nation’s infrastructure. We took our classic BuckAlloy™ Aluminum climbers and gave it a complete makeover with the old red, white, and blue by applying an American Flag Hydro-Dip for the ultimate American look!

Note: the American Flag Hydro-Dip Finish has the potential to wear quickly if being used in the field.

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The BuckAlloy™ American Climber Kit features a pair of hydro-dipped aluminum climbers with a cushion wrap pad (with or without a cinch loop), fast strap quick-connect foot straps or hook and loop foot straps, and a leather gaff guard for added protection.


Benefits & features:

  • GRiP™ (Gaff Ridge Position) Technology keeps gaff pointed towards the heart of the pole greatly reducing cutouts.
  • The BuckAlloy™ Climbers are rated to 350 lbs. and exceeds ASTM F887 standards.
  • Unmatched comfort in an aluminum climber and lightest aluminum climber available.
  • Dowel & Screw design allows for easy gaff change out.
  • Alloy blend contributes to superior product life cycle.
  • Aluminum Alloy used in transport applications including marine, automotive, and aviation due to its high strength to density ratio.
  • The ‘T’ shaped aluminum ribbed construction adds strength to the climber.
  • The American Flag Hydro-Dip Finish showcases and highlights the fine craftsmanship of our American Made Climbing Gear.