Big Buck™ Wrap Pad w/ Cinch Loop & Angled Insert for Bashlin Climbers™ – 3202BC



The Big Buck™ Wrap Pad is a combination of your two favorite climber pads. We have taken the adjustability of the hook and loop wrap pad, the increased surface area of the Big Buck™ pad, and added a moisture-wicking Dri-lex lining.

Now, they feature an angled steel Bashlin insert (5032B) and are compatible with all BD14B Bashlin Aluminum Climbers (2019 or newer).

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  • Increased surface area to distribute pressure.
  • Thick comfortable pad and moisture wicking Dri-lex lining.
  • Features the adjustability of Hook and Loop Wrap Steel “C-Pad” insert for proper climber shank position.
  • Cinch loop to provide an extra tight fit.
  • Rolled edge to prevent chafing.
  • Compatible with all BD14B Bashlin Aluminum Climbers (2019 or newer).