Skinning Knife with Wooden Handle – 7080 / 70801 / 70802 / 70803 / 70804


Buckingham’s wide selection of skinning knives are well known for their strong, durable, and long-lasting blades. The blade stays sharp, and when sharpening is needed the honing stone can put a sharp edge on the blade’s edge with ease.

*Please refer to the product specifications below for these knife options.

*Orders received for 70801 by 12:00/Noon EST ship same business day. After 12:00/Noon EST ship next business day.

*Other models usually ships in 7 to 14 days. 

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Buckingham’s skinning knives come in a wide range of options, aside from a wooden handle. This includes an Ergonomic Handle, a Red Molded Plastic Handle, and Yellow Molded Plastic Handle.