Dead Eye Sling with Tenex Rope – 39074T/39078T


An eye sling that features a 3/4″ or 5/8″ tenex braid rope and a 17,000-22,400 lbs. Available in variable lengths for both rope thicknesses.

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Product Specifications

Product Number:39074T/39078T
Product Name:Eye Sling
Overall Length:4′-25′
Number of Legs:N/A
Material Type:Tenex Rope
Protector Type:N/A
Red Wear Center:No
Ring Material:N/A
Weight:3 lbs.
Made in USA?:Yes


SKULengthRope ThicknessRope TypeWeight Capacity
39074T-66ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-88ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-1010ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-1212ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-1414ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-1515ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-1616ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-1818ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-2020ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39074T-2525ft3/4″Tenex rope22,400 lbs
39078T-44ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-66ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-88ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-1010ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-1212ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-1414ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-1515ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-1616ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-1818ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs
39078T-2020ft5/8″Tenex rope17,000 lbs

Instructions & Warnings

Transformer Rope Slings Warnings

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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