Customizable 20″ x 18.5″ Buck-It Rail Board with Holes for Bucket Hooks



Create your own Buck-It Rail Board with Holes for Bucket Hooks with our product customizer.

Can be configured to keep long handled tools below the lip of the basket

The Rhino by Buckingham Buck-It Rail system allows the user to set up the system to keep tools below the rim of the bucket to help prevent hang ups, accidental contact or snagging of the tools.

Choose from these accessories:

  • 3 Pocket Pouch
  • Pocket Bug Wrench Pouch
  • Knife Pouch (knife, ruler, or plier pocket)
  • Tool Loop
  • Lowell Wrench Holder
  • 3” Magnet
  • Tape Holder
  • Socket Holder
  • 1” Diameter Drill / Auger Bit Holder
  • Heavy Duty Gated Carrier
  • Buck Carrier
  • Bolt / Nut Bag
  • Loop Tool Holder Strap
  • RHINO Tag, Heritage Tag, Buck Logo Tag
  • Hot Stick Bag
  • Long Handle Tool Holder

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