7ft BuckLimiter™ – 6008-74D+4


This BuckLimiter™ yoyo has an aluminum alloy construction inside and out while both the mechanism and housing is made of corrosion-resistant alloy. Features a 50051 – steel carabiner that has a 3600 lb gate and a 30351 – locking ladder snap with a 3600 lb gate load as well.

The 6008-74D+4 meets the ANSI Z359.14 standard and is marked to 310lbs with a Class B rating.

Add prefix K [6008K] to order model that meets ASTM F887 Electric Arc Requirements.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.



  • A braking system that is designed for smooth consistent operation to prevent “jerky” lock-ups
  • A tangle free swivel top adds to mobility and a 7′ extension for expanded work area
  • The BuckLimter™ has Dyneema polymer fiber 1″ webbing that is up to 15x stronger than steel
  • Resistant to moisture, abrasions, UV light and chemicals
  • Weighs 1.9 lbs.