BuckCat™ Lightweight Saddle – 16905W1/16905W1Q7


On March 31st, we will no longer be accepting orders for the BuckCat Saddle (16905W1) or its variations and will begin transitioning customers over to the new BuckCraft™ saddle.

After working directly with some of the biggest users of the BuckCat to identify improvements, we have made many exciting enhancements that have resulted in the creation of the BuckCraft. This was a very tough decision for Buckingham as the BuckCat has been an industry staple for decades, but at the end of the day, modernization was needed for this saddle to give the end users the best possible product. The BuckCraft is a saddle much like the BuckCat yet includes higher end features, more comfort, is nearly a pound lighter, and incorporates all that is needed for the various climbing styles. We hope that you enjoy the new BuckCraft saddle and it lives on for many years to come much like the BuckCat.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.