X-Style BuckTech™ FR Tower Harness – 68K966K6Q1


Buckingham’s popular BuckTech™ FR harness, now in an X-Style version.

  • Newly Updated: Each BuckTech™ gear loop is rated to 100 lbs.

Meets all applicable OSHA, ASTM, ANSI and ASTM-F887 Arc Flash Requirements.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.



The BuckTech™ is taking tower safety to the next level.


  • Lightweight Aluminum dee rings reduce overall weight.
  • The chest strap adjustment buckles allow the user to properly position the sternal web loop and prevent it from sliding up during a fall.
  • Quick connect chest and leg strap buckles.
  • Breakaway loops at the waist for storage of dual lanyard hooks when not in use.
  • An aluminum D-ring dorsal attachment.
  • Storage for gear and tools also located on rear gear loops.
  • Friction buckles for height adjustment.
  • Grommet waist strap.
  • Lightweight padded body belt for comfort.
  • Work positioning D-rings.
  • 5 reflective rescue loops.
  • Shock absorbing pack w/ steel D-ring.
  • Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.
  • Newly Updated: Each BuckTech™ gear loop is rated to 100 lbs.

The BuckTech™ FR Mobility Harness is made from FR (FLASH Resistant) fabric meeting all ASTM-F887 Arc Flash Requirements. Other features include:

  • The grommet waist strap and shoulder pads distribute the weight of tools.
  • The front and rear vertical adjustments allow for proper positioning of the rear dorsal D-ring.
  • Removable belt strap allows for adding of tool/equipment bags.
  • Padded shoulders and extensive lumbar support make for superior comfort.
  • Low profile sternal web loop for use with mobile fall arrestors and rope grabs.
  • BuckTech™ gear loops are rated to 100 lbs.

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