The S1™ Safety Harness – 66772



The S1™ Safety Harness was designed by the experts at Safety One Training and Rope Access technicians to meet the extensive needs of the Rope access field. The S1™ Harness was engineered with a plethora of features for Rope Access Techs.

*Rated to 420 lbs. when used with equivalently rated accessories.

The S1™ Formed Batten Work Seat (1367) was designed in conjunction with the S1 harness by the experts at Safety One Training. The straps that connect the seat to the harness use 5,000 lbs. minimum rated webbing and connection hardware to provide the strongest seat on the market.

  • This lightweight feature packed harness is comfortable for long hours on rope or structures and the versatile design makes this harness a top contender for all your climbing needs.

*To order an FR version, please use product number 66772K6.

**For custom sizing with different heights and waist sizes please call Bucks customer service team and we will accommodate.

Distributors stocking this product are listed below and typically ship within a week. If no distributors are listed, the product will typically ship within 7 to 14 days.


  • Articulating points at the sternal connection as well as legs to allow more freedom of movement.
  • Umbilical connection point consists of two 5,000 lbs. min rated web loops that can be used in tandem or individually to provide multiple connection options.
  • Umbilical loops also have 5,000 lbs. min rated aluminum ring for optional S1 batten work seat (1367)
  • Aluminum Ring is also used to attach descender or other devices.
  • Variety of connection points at hips, sternal, umbilical and dorsal area make this harness versatile for any job.
  • Two rappelling/rescue loops built into the shoulder straps, Great for confined space rescue.
  • Waist strap is partially removable to allow the user to add a variety of bags and tool holders.
  • Gear loops on the back of body pad create more space tools and equipment.
  • The two rated work positioning D-rings allow the user to position themselves in a comfortable position to do the required work.
  • The rated D-ring on the bottom allows the seat to be flipped over and used as a spreader for confined space rescue.

Tower Harness sizing are built to a standard D Size. See below Chart for corresponding D Size for each harness size. For other sizing options please call us at 1-800-YES-BUCK (1-800-937-2825).

Tower Harness D Sizing
Size D Size
Small 22
Medium 24
Large 26
X-Large 28