The BuckOhm™ BuckTriever™ – 603A8Q12



  • 9KV dielectric hardware.
  • Lightweight, comfortable, breathable and most importantly, functional back pad.
  • Web loops at dorsal and sternal locations.
  • Quick Connect legs straps for easy donning.
  • 2 reflective loops at hips.
  • Back/shoulder pad provides comfort and ease when donning.

*Usually ships within 7 to 14 days.




The BuckOhm™ BuckTriever™ features all dielectric hardware, molded after Buckingham’s BuckTriever (603S8Q211) retrieval harness. This full body harness was developed to be used in conjunction with Buck’s Manhole rescue lifeline kits (105Q1-30 or 105Q2-30) and Confined space retrieval (5003) systems. This harness features 3 reflective retrieval loops located across the back. Two additional reflective loops located on the hips to maneuver the injured worker into a better position for rescue. Web loop at sternum can be used for self-rescue or used with rope/cable grabs/ascenders.

*The BuckTriever™ is an upgrade to our model no. 63936Q retrieval harness.