The Arborist Deluxe Climbing Kit – 17905Q2


Buckingham’s new Deluxe Climbing Kit comes with the best of the best. This kit will provide top of the line comfort and is loaded with features. The new BuckAlloy™ Black Tree Climbers are the most cost-effective, lightweight, and durable on the market and the Ergo Pro Saddle is the latest edition in the Ergoline and was developed between Buckingham Manufacturing and certified arborist Ed Carpenter and his physical-therapist sibling Dr. Amanda Carpenter providing you with an industry-leading saddle. If you are an arborist looking for a new setup or someone who wants to learn on the best of the best, then this is the kit for you. Buckingham also has an Economy Kit and Arborist Basic Kit; these kits will have fewer features and comfort but are great for the climber on a budget.

*For replacement bridges check out (WE7/WE7R)

**Orders usually ship within 7 – 14 days.

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Arborist Deluxe Climbing Kit includes:

  • 17905 Ergo Pro Saddle: Buckingham’s Ergo Pro tree saddle covers it all. This saddle is the latest edition in the Ergo line and was developed between Buckingham Manufacturing and certified arborist Ed Carpenter and his physical-therapist sibling Dr. Amanda Carpenter.
    • Designed to fit a Range of Climbing Styles and motions.
    • One of Buck’s Lightest Saddles Available, Only 7 lbs!
    • Numerous rigid accessory loops located in various easily accessible locations.
    • Endless options for gear storage and customizations.
    • Moisture-wicking Drilex on back pad & Leg pads to keep the user cool, dry, and comfortable.
  • A95K1V-BL BuckAlloy Black Climber Kit: At Buckingham, unlike other climber manufacturers on the market, we put safety, comfort, and a quality product first. Manufactured here in America, this Black Climber Kit is the most cost-effective, lightweight, and durable on the market. Features:
    • Buckingham’s patented GRiP™ (Gaff Ridge Position) Technology.
      • Keeps the gaff pointed toward the heart of the tree.
      • Aids in preventing cutouts, allowing for better, more comfortable setting of the foot and arch.
      • The GRiP™ technology also allows optimum gaff placement on the tree and promotes ease of climbing.
    • Whether you are climbing a tree with thick bark or thin bark, the hybrid gaffs, measuring in at 2 7/16”, gives the user the convenience to easily climb both.
    • The Buckingham wrap pad features an angled steel insert and cushion through which the BuckAlloy™ climbers are inserted to prevent the climber shank from chafing the leg. Other climbers on the market sacrifice a few ounces of weight for a pad that’s rigid and breaks easily under normal wear.
  • 7808R112M6 Buck RigidLine: This 7/16″ uniline rope lanyard with the BuckGrab™ Adjuster has the same rigidness as a wire core flip line without the metal core. Ideal for hitch-hiking and when climbing near energized lines. Features a red wear indicator to alert the user of excess wear.
  • 4373 XL RopePro Deluxe Bag: The large RopePro™ Deluxe Bag is water resistant that helps keep equipment dry with a rope access port located in the lid with a cap to keep dirt and water out. Ventilation panels provide air circulation and quick glance identification of material. This bag is perfect for the road and can hold up to 500’ of rope. Also comes with backpack shoulder straps.